Reading/spelling difficulties may occur more frequently in families

For decades there has been a discussion among experts that dyslexia can occur in the family as a special reading and spelling weakness. Why these difficulties can occur more frequently in the families concerned in the acquisition of written language has not yet been fully clarified scientifically. Adopted behaviour or hereditary predisposition as causes of... Weiterlesen →

From the perspective of an affected person: Are dyslexics really handicapped?

A commentary by Lars Michael Lehmann, dyslexia expert and specialist journalist Yes, I have experienced for myself that dyslexics are regarded as handicapped. In the GDR era, people with learning difficulties in reading and writing were quickly regarded as learning disabled and had to attend an „auxiliary school“. At that time the term „dyslexia“ was... Weiterlesen →

A dyslexia test must not be used as a certificate of convenience

Some people think they have a reading and spelling weakness confirmed so that they can sit back and relax. Some personal problems are then projected onto the dyslexia, which is not connected to it at all. It’s about psychological problems that can show up in social behaviour. A person with dyslexia can promote psychological problems... Weiterlesen →

Acquired Reading Spelling Weakness and Dyslexia?

There are many terms for reading spelling difficulties. Today we know reading spelling difficulties, LRS, dyslexia, reading spelling disorder, dyslexia, isolated spelling disorder, isolated reading disorder and much more. There are many different interpretations in medicine and education. LRS and dyslexia have been researched for about 130 years. To this day, the entire problem is... Weiterlesen →